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Spelling Bee – CHILE

National Spelling Bee

National Spelling Bee

CHILEidiomas has organized this Academic Event in order to motivate students in CHILE to learn new vocabulary in English.

In order to participate, Teachers of each School have to enroll online their groups of students. CHILEidiomas will have first a Regional Final and then a National Final Contest.

The Regional Competition will be held with a minimum of 5 schools or 100 students.

The National will be performed in Santiago with the 150 best national competitors.

We believe that this activity will help all students to get together, meet each other and develop skills in their Second Language. Also, it will contribute to enlarge and improve Chilean students’ vocabulary in English.

We invite all interested Schools and English teachers to subscribe for the 2009 CHILEidiomas Spelling Bee Contest, by sending a simple email or message through our contact page, giving the required information as follows:

  1. Region:
  2. City:
  3. School Name and Address:
  4. School phone number(s):
  5. Number of students at School:
  6. Hours of English a week (average):
  7. Number of English Teachers at school:
  8. Teacher in charge at school:
  9. Cell phone number:
  10. Regular/Home phone number:
  11. List of students
  12. Parents authorization letters (signed up)

The cost per school for Participant package is $50.000 this will include: 1.Instructions booklet, 2. Word list and 3. 2009 CHILEidiomas Spelling Bee Rules handbook.

The cost of subscription per student is $10.000, with a minimum of 5 and a maximum of 10 students per school.

Both payments must be made through either a bank deposit or electronic transfer to CHILEidiomas bank account. Teachers in charge should keep the receipt to get their credentials at the beginning of the contest.

Through our web site Schools will have all the information in order to participate in our Spelling Bee Contest.
Be welcome you all and keep improving your second language.
Good Luck!


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